Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bang Bang You're Fired

A former employee of Iron Mountain Information Management Inc. has challenged the company to a legal duel in Gwinnett County Superior Court in Georgia over its employees' rights to possess guns while on the clock at work. Jamie Lunsford had worked for the document-shredding company for six years when she was fired for carrying a handgun in her car. Lunsford had driven with a co-worker to the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta on business for Iron Mountain. When she entered the Federal Reserve Bank's parking garage, she was asked by security whether she was carrying any firearms. She responded in the affirmative. She was then instructed to leave and park elsewhere. When Lunsford returned to work, she was suspended and then fired. According to Iron Eagle, Lunsford violated the company's gun policy when she drove herself and another employee to a customer's facility while in possession of a gun. Iron Eagle noted that Georgia law allows workers to have guns in company parking lots. The law, however, according to Iron Eagle, does not permit an employee to carry a firearm while conducting company business. Given that, and general employee safety issues, Iron Eagle felt compelled to terminate Lunsford. Employers should take note of this lawsuit. and consider whether their workplace firearms policies are in compliance with relevant state laws. It should be noted that such laws vary from state to state.