Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Protections Do Graduate Students Have When Advisors' Actions Are Unchecked

B&E is currently representing a former graduate student of a national university in a litigation stemming from actions the graduate student's faculty advisor took vis-a-vis the student and actions the university failed to take to assist the graduate student. The case is referenced in an article that appearted in yesterday's Chronicle of Higher Education and highlights the difficult situation that many graduate students find themselves in when a faculty advisor is alleged to have stolen a student's work and passed it off as his or her own, or where an advisor allegedly impeded a student's ability to stand for his or her dissertation (for impermissible reasons). The article, which notes the difficulties that graduate students face, can be found at: http://chronicle.com/article/My-Adviser-Stole-My-Research/135694/?key=Tz9zJQU%2FMXxHYXFmNWpKNj0DbCRtNhojYiBMaypwblxdFg%3D%3D